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Arthur  Paine & Associates

An Engine Management and Aviation Service Company

Professional, personalized, and responsive Consulting Services for all Business Aviation aircraft.

Consulting Services for Business Aviation Turbine Engine overhaul/repair support options include:

  • Pratt & Whitney Turboprop Engines
  • Pratt & Whitney Turbofan Engines
  • Rolls-Royce Allison Turbine Engines
  • T53 Turbine Engines
  • Overhaul/repair facility selection
  • OEM serviceable Parts location service
  • PMA Parts location service
  • Field Service Technicians

Airframe Maintenance Consulting

Services include:

  • Prebuy Inspections
  • Phase Inspections
  • Quality Airframe Maintenance Facility
  • Aircraft Accident Repair

Contact Information: Cell Phone: 305-812-8775; Office Phone: 954-349-0281;

Fax: 954-349-8201; Email: [email protected]